Tuto 1.2 Open Data access with GWpy.ipynb

Dear sir,

Why I am getting this error with Colab?
“cannot import name ‘_get_valid_format’ from ‘astropy.io.registry’ (/usr/local/lib/python3.9/dist-packages/astropy/io/registry/init.py)”

Thank you

Hi Arunan,

That seems to be related to an old bug in GWpy. See this issue.

Do you have your GWpy version pinned? Do you have any ! pip install gwpy line?

If so, you may want to update GWpy to the latest version, or downgrade Astropy to a previous version.

Hi Martinberoiz,
Thank you. It is working with update.

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Hl, in tute 1.3 axes shows error?
Error is “AttributeError: ‘Axes’ object has no attribute ‘_axes_class’” even though graph is visualised.

Thank you.