Assistance Needed: Installing/Importing readligo Module in VS Code

Hello Everyone , I am trying to use readligo to read the data but in python it showing me that readligo isn’t a defined module. So could anyone please help me to install/ import this on Vscode. I have attached a screenshot of the error message for your reference.

To my knowledge, you can download the ‘’ script from this link address, and by placing this script in the same directory as your ipynb, you can achieve import calls.
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Yes, that’s right. readligo is only available from the GWOSC website. You are welcome to use it, but lately, we’ve been encouraging the use of gwpy for most use cases. As in this tutorial.

For your case, it should be something like:

from gwpy.timeseries import TimeSeries
fn = "H-H1_LOSC_4_V1-1126076416.hdf5"
strain =,format='hdf5.gwosc')

Just for future reference, you can now pip-install readligo:

pip install readligo

but bear in mind that this script will not be maintained.