Open Science Grid School 2023:


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OSG User School 2023

Has your research computing outgrown your available capacity? How could

access to LOTS more computing transform your research or that of others?

If you have research workloads that can be broken into many independent,

parallel computing tasks, we can help.

We are seeking applicants for the OSG User School 2023, from August 7-11,

at the beautiful University of Wisconsin in Madison. Apply by April 17!

Using lectures, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, roleplays, and personal

consulting with OSG experts, the OSG School will teach you how to use high-

throughput computing (HTC) effectively and get your own research work up

and running. Past participants have come from physics, chemistry, life

sciences, engineering, earth sciences, agricultural and animal sciences,

economics, social sciences, medicine, and more.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Researchers (especially graduate students and post-docs) in any research

area for which large-scale computing is a key part of the research process;

  • People (especially students and staff) who support researchers who are

current or potential users of high-throughput computing;

  • Instructors (at the post-secondary level) who teach future researchers

and are ready to integrate high-throughput computing into their curriculum.

We pay all basic travel, hotel, and food costs for applicants who are

selected to attend. This is a valuable offer!

We are planning a completely in-person event and will strive to provide a

healthy environment for all.


  • Application Period (OPEN NOW): 17 March - 17 April 2023

  • OSG School: 7-11 August 2023


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