Open Data Workshop Study Hubs 2024

Study Hubs for Open Data Workshop 2024

For Open Data Workshop 2024 , we are encouraging participants to host or join “Study Hubs” to work through the tutorials and data challenges together.

Study Hubs can be organized by the workshop mentors or also by participants who would like to work on the tutorials and notebooks together.

If you would like to host a Study Hub, we encourage you to advertise it here. Please reply to this post, and include information people will need to join your hub. Please include:

  • Study Hub location and time.
  • How many people can join?
  • How do participants sign-up? Is there a registration form?
  • Any other information relevant to the participants, e.g. COVID protocols.

You are welcome to contact the workshop organizers with any questions.

See you at the Study Hubs :smiley: :mortar_board: !

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