Read frames using pip

Read frames using pip

In general, we recommend installing the IGWN software stack using the IGWN Conda Distribution

However, sometimes it is convenient to instead use pypi packages via pip. Many GW packages are available in pypi. As an example, one might want the ability to read in gwf frame files using python. Here is how to set this up using pip. This should work on computers running Unix or MacOS.

From the command line:

pip install lalsuite
pip install gwpy

That’s it! Then, you can download a data file:


And, read in the strain data using python:

>>> from gwpy.timeseries import TimeSeries
>>> data ='H-H1_GWOSC_4KHZ_R1-1126259447-32.gwf', channel='H1:GWOSC-4KHZ_R1_STRAIN')

Good luck!