Help with data challenge1

Hi I am new to python, I tried coding for time domain plot and Q transform in data challenge 1 but could not get it. please help.

Hi Ranjini,

Can you post what you have done so far and the errors (entire backtrace) if you got any? Where are you stuck?

could you please let me know how to get GPS for the data in challenge1.gwf file?

@Ran97 An example showing how to read in the data is in the Challenge description. Here, it works better to use the read command instead of get, since you want to read directly from a file.

# -- for gwpy 
from gwpy.timeseries import TimeSeries
gwpy_strain ='challenge3.gwf', channel="H1:CHALLENGE3")

@Ran97 For challenge 1, the data are centered on time = 0.