How to intall the “pycbc” and “gwpy” modules

After I enrolled in “Open Data Workshop, (ODW)”, I began to study the material that is presented as preliminary. However, in the third Jupiter Notebook program “intro-3wavefor” I had trouble getting it to run because, it tells me that the pycbc module is missing, which I tried to download and install, but I couldn’t. Something similar happened to me in another program with the gwpy module.

It will be useful for many people to have the procedure to install the “pycbc” and “gwpy” modules, as well as others that are required to run the Astronomy/Cosmology programs in Jupiter Notebook.

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The tutorial resources provided in the Jupyter notebook has many cells. PYCBC might be imported in the previous cell, and the current cell may miss this module if the connection of different cells is failed/down.
For such a status, you need to run all the cells again to ensure that all the modules have been imported.

If you want to install these modules in your computer, you can consider the installation via the conda:
igwn-py38 - IGWN Conda Distribution or
igwn-py39 - IGWN Conda Distribution

Thank you for the question!

Instructions for how to run the notebooks are included in the README file.

My favorite method is to use mybinder, which already has all the needed packages installed. To launch the notebooks in mybinder, click the “launch binder” badge in the README file.