.gwf files; difficulty in reading

hey everyone,
I’m unable to open .gwf files of datachallenge, although after downloading; its not opening with firefox and notepad either…
anyone pls explain how to open and read it.


# -- download data
! wget https://www.gw-openscience.org/s/workshop3/challenge/challenge3.gwf

# -- for gwpy 
from gwpy.timeseries import TimeSeries
gwpy_strain = TimeSeries.read('challenge3.gwf', channel="H1:CHALLENGE3")

# -- for pycbc
from pycbc import frame
pycbc_strain = frame.read_frame('challenge3.gwf', 'H1:CHALLENGE3')

@Haze Thank you for your question.

These file types can’t be read with web browsers or text editors. Instead, you’ll want to use some special software. For GWF in particular, try pycbc or gwpy. You can see examples in the Challenge, and I’ll paste them below.