Unable to access data from challenge 3

I have used the code which was given as hint in Data challenge Git hub for Gravitational wave open data workshop #6 . I have downloaded the data ‘challenge 3’ from there and tried to run the code in my google collab . It shows error and i don’t know what’s the problem or how to fix it .

It would very kind of anyone who could help me in this code

! pip install -q lalsuite
! pip install -q gwpy
! pip install -q pycbc

– Click “restart runtime” in the runtime menu

– download data

! wget https://www.gw-openscience.org/s/workshop3/challenge/challenge3.gwf

– for gwpy

from gwpy.timeseries import TimeSeries
gwpy_strain = TimeSeries.read(‘challenge3.gwf’, channel=“H1:CHALLENGE3”)

– for pycbc

from pycbc import frame
pycbc_strain = frame.read_frame(‘challenge3.gwf’, ‘H1:CHALLENGE3’)

Hi, I am not sure of the exact cause of the error but here some things that can help:

  • The proposed code is just an example but the links to the files need to be updated to correctly to download the required files that are on top of this page odw-2023/Challenge at main · gw-odw/odw-2023 · GitHub. To be precise the commands to run to download the files are:
!wget https://dcc.ligo.org/public/0187/G2300818/001/challenge1.gwf
!wget https://dcc.ligo.org/public/0187/G2300818/001/challenge2.gwf
!wget https://dcc.ligo.org/public/0187/G2300818/001/challenge3.gwf
  • Maybe it can help to use exactly the versions of the package used for the workshop, i.e. try to install:
! pip install -q 'lalsuite==7.11' 'PyCBC==2.0.5' 'gwpy==3.0.4'