Unable to get any study hub

I am unable to get any study hub , I’m from India , so if I want to attend the camp all alone without study hub , will it be possible?

Hi Debarshi! If you are unable to attend one of the two study hubs in Pune or Bengaluru, you may still participate in the workshop remotely. If you haven’t registered already, you may join the waitlist for the online workshop component here: Open Data Workshop - 2022 Tickets, Mon, May 23, 2022 at 7:00 AM | Eventbrite to gain access to online lectures. You can then go through the tutorials all by yourself, and we mentors will be happy to answer any questions you have that you can post on the IGWN forum here.


Hi @debarshi,
We have also organized a Virtual study hub here. If you are not able to join one in person, you are very welcome there. The time of the virtual study hub is European afternoon.



HI @simone-mastrogiovann
I am interested in joining the virtual hub too. I have filled out the Google form as well. Would love to be a part of the group if there are positions left.

Thanks, it sounds good. I can see your response. I will send more details on how to join the sudy hub next week.

I’m From Hyderabad, India. Is there any Study Hub available?

Anyone near Delhi or around north India can join here at Central University of Haryana as we are willing to host a study hub.

Will it be a virtual study hub from Central University of Haryana? I would join it.

We’re planning to host, provided the number of students should be more than 20.

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Is it possible for a Delhi candidate to join the studyhub you are planning to host? Kindly send me further details.
Thank you.

Actually we’re planning for it…If there will be more than 20 students we will host the workshop.

I also didn’t get a study hub. I am from India. I registered for the Virtual Study hub in Gather Town, but didn’t get any reply from them yet. Really concerned about the status. Isn’t it possible to attend the full workshop without joining to a study hub.

Hi, yes we received your request. We are going to send an email to the virtual study hub participants early next week.

You can always attend the workshop without joining a study hub (virtual or not), but the only sessions that are planned are the plenary at 8:00-9:30 Pacific time.

Thanks. I am really looking forward to attending the complete workshop. It would really help in my career.

Hi, I’m from Nepal. I would like to join the virtual study hub hosted by you.

We’re trying to get atleast 20 students…less than that will less effective…so once the no. Of students get fulfilled we’ll get back to you. with the required formalities.
Charuchandra Karna

How you will host this event?


I am an undergraduate physics student from Turkey. I applied a virtual study-hub but I have not recieved any response. Is there any virtual study-hubs that I can still apply? If not and there are people like me, we can join through zoom and study togather.

Earlier we had planned for but due less number of students we couldn’t arrange it l.So i am thinking about conducting an after discussion on the workshop via Google meet.Lemme know if you are interested or not.