Where can I obtain the recorded data of GWs and corresponding best-matched templates for all the published events of binary mergers confirmed by LVC please?

Thank you for your helps.

It is known that the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration (LVC) has released over 100 confirmed GW events. For each event, I believe that they possess the recorded raw data, which is a one-dimensional sequence of strain values in the time domain (after undergoing some filtering), and they also have the corresponding best-matched template, which is also a one-dimensional sequence givien by specific parameters such as black hole mass, spin, source distance, and more. The comparison between such data and template results in a small enough residual, which confirms the match.

If my above understanding is correct (please correct me if not), I hope to know where and how the LVC explicitly provides the concrete files of these data-template pairs for all the published 100+ GW events of binary mergers. Thank you very much.

Hello Wein,
I think I found the solution! You can use python package pycbc (Google Colab)or pesummary (https://zenodo.org/records/5546663)to generate the template you want. However both of the packages require Linux or macOS system. I use WSL for my windows laptop. Hope this would help.