Useing Pyring to reconstruct plots


I am trying to use pyRing in order to reconstruct similar plots as those for GW150914 given automatically in pyRing.
How can I get similar plots for other events?
This is the code I use:

!pip install pyringgw

!git clone lscsoft / pyRing · GitLab

!pyRing --config-file pyring/pyRing/config_files/config_gw150914_local_data.ini

!pyRing --config-file repopath/pyRing/config_files/config_gw150914_production.ini

Thank you,

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Hi Chana,

One option to get support with this software is to contact the Pyring support desk.

Having said that, in the code you posted, it looks like you are loading some config files that specifically use GW150914 data. As a guess, a good starting point would be to:

  1. open those config files
  2. look for the lines specific to GW150914
  3. adjust those lines to point at the GPS time and data that you want