Open Data Workshop 2022 Study Hubs

Is it possible to allow for more participants to attend the Study Hub at IUCAA Pune? I see that the registrations are closed, however, I was wondering if I can be informed regarding some opening or extension in capacity for the study hub.
I am Saksham Chandna, an MS thesis student from IISER Bhopal.

Virtual Study Hub
We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a Virtual Study Hub:

  • May 23rd, 24th, and 25th from 10am - 12:30pm Pacific Daylight Time
  • This particular Study Hub will take place over Zoom
  • Mentors will be online to help with question as you work through the tutorials
  • The Registration Portal goes live on May 13th at 1PM Pacific Daylight Time
  • Space is limited to 20 participants, plus mentors.

Looking forward to meeting you on Zoom!

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Hi! Would you be allowing more participants in the study hub? Or would it be possible to host more than one study hub simultaneously at TIFR? Kindly look into these possibilities. I would love to have a chance to attend an in-person study hub.

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Hi, I am interested to join this virtual study hub. I have submitted the google form.

Hello, I am Chinmay from Pune.
Since the IUCAA hub has filled up, I thought of starting another hub. IUCAA has a lot of experienced GW analysts and researchers. Could one of them please help us out in this new hub as well?

Thanking in advance!
Chinmay (+91 8275697022)

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Hello, is there any virtual study group still accepting applications?

hi, did they contact you about hosting a virtual hub, I’m from India too, couldn’t get a hub. I applied for the two virtual hubs but didn’t get a chance. it was sold out so fast…

Hello, I haven’t received any messages yet.

Hello Chinmay,
How could I join IUCAA’s study hub.

Department of Physics, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Hey everyone! I have made a discord server if you want to introduce yourself before the meetup at ICTS. Here’s the link. Discord link

Any slot for a virtual study hub ?

Any slot for a virtual study hub?

I have submitted the form for online participation.

Hi Subhayan, did you recieve an email with the study hub instructions?

No sir. I didn’t receive any such email.
I was your post and filled out the registration form for remotely attending the study hub.