Looking for the master thesis

Hii everyone, My name is Charchit Kumar Sethi and I am a Master’s student of Physics at the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy at Universität zu Köln. I specialize in the exciting fields of Astrophysics and General Relativity, and have a strong passion for Relativistic Astrophysics and the study of compact objects in the universe, such as black hole mergers and neutron stars.

After much consideration, I have come to the conclusion that the field of gravitational wave physics is the area that I would like to pursue as a future research career. I believe that this field holds so much potential for discovery and growth, and I am eager to contribute to its advancement.

I am writing to express my interest in the Master’s Thesis in GW physics and to seek advice from the faculty and fellow students on potential projects and research opportunities in this field. I am confident that, with your support and guidance, I can achieve my goals and make a meaningful contribution to the field of GW Physics.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Best regards,
Charchit Kumar Sethi

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Hello Charchit,

I’m glad you found interest in the field of General Relativity.
On this link you can find job offers and openings in student positions within the Gravitational Wave topic.


I hope you find a good match.

Thanks for your response but I already checked this long ago and there were no open position for master thesis.