Looking for a PhD position

Hey everyone,

I’m a master’s student working on gravitational wave data analysis. I’m interested in developing advanced methods for GWDA and automating pipelines to get useful info for astronomy, gravity, etc.

I’ve learned some digital signal processing, statistics, and have a basic understanding of machine learning and neural networks(which are my current interests, I am developing a project in this area). I’m good at coding in C/C++, Python, and have knowledge about high-performance computing.

Since I’m pretty new to this, I was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations on where I could apply to get involved? Appreciate any help!


Hi @BarryG, I work at the university of Trieste, I am part of the GW Open Science Center and I am interesetd also in GW data analysis, in particular in machine learning applications. Here the selections for PhD positions have been recently opened. You can find more info here: Admission | Doctoral Programme.

In this document, https://portale.units.it/sites/default/files/2024-05/DR04Concorso40_3.pdf, in the section “PLACES AND SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE”, you will see that there are in total 17 scholarships of which 6 can be spent in one of the topics studied at our University (among which also Gravitational Wave data analysis) and 2 (the last two) are spcificly devoted data analysis for partical ophysics of gravitational waves. So you have many chances to work with us :slight_smile:

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Hi Ms. Trovato,

I appreciate your prompt reply and the information about the PhD program at your university. However, it appears that the application here is intended for students enrolling this September. I am interested in applying for the Fall 2025 PhD position. Nonetheless, the information you provided is quite helpful. Thanks again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!