List of Confident Events

Hi All,

I am working with a group that is using these for teaching college observational astronomy. (MWU! led by Dan Reichart at UNC).

We want to direct students to you list of events. It would be really nice if there were a link to all the confident events, regardless of observing cycle.

Can you set one up?

  1. Easy addition:

For example, there are links like:

But we would like a link that would be something like:

" … "

which contains a merger of all of the confident sources.

  1. Another Harder addition, which would be really helpful.

    We have built a fitting tool for students.

if you are interested in our draft tool, go to:
Skynet Plotting
and select “Gravity Pro”

We have noticed that some of these events are much clearer than others. In other words, there are confident events that are harder for students to fit because the signal is below the noise.

We are looking for a list curated by something like signal-to-noise ratio. For example it may be found at something like:


This is a little harder for you, because I do not see a particular thing to query on, unlike the other suggestion.

Thanks so much!!!


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Hello Jonathan,

Very nice app! It looks good.

Regarding those special pages, it’s true we don’t have dedicated url’s for those. However, at the moment, you can get a similar behavior with the query page in the Event portal.

For example, selecting only the confident catalogs from the list you get this url:

And by filtering by “Network SNR” you would get this list of the loudest events (I filtered for SNR > 15)

You can create your own filters of course. Let me know if this helps.

On a related note, I was just thinking that you may be also interested in our API, in particular this node.

I don’t know if your web app performs queries on the backend, the frontend or if they’re pre-loaded, but we recently allowed for the API to be called from cross-site ajax queries (in-browser javascript). You may want to check that out too.