Finding a journal to publish the project work

How can I find a journal where i can send my project work to be reviewed for publication.Is there any exclusive journal exist on for GWs?

@iam_cckarna You can see a list of journals where the LVK has published on the LVK Publication List.

Physical Review D (PRD) and Classical and Quantum Gravity (CQG) are both popular choices.

Actually I have done my project on mathematical derivations of Quadruple moment formula and I want to send it for a review.Where should I send it.

I @iam_cckarna. If your project is more on the theoretical side you can also give a try to Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. Note that also the suggestions given by Jonah are ok if your work is on the theory side.

Alternatively, you also find Galaxy

Hi @iam_cckarna! The suggestions above are all really great. I just wanted to add that another option is the American Journal of Physics. This journal is focused on physics pedagogy, and so might be a good fit if your project happens to examine established theory in a new or creative way, if you’re applying the quadrupole formula in interesting ways, etc.