Is a better public-facing domain name than

If this is an appropriate place to ask both internal IGWN questions in addition to questions from the public, yes. If it’s just for the public, maybe is better?

@pfc good question!

My hope is that this will be a forum that can be used by both people inside and outside the LVK. For example, all LVK analysis code is open source. So, if there’s a new LVK graduate student, and she has a question about how to run a gstlal job on the OSG, the answer to that question could be useful to people both inside and outside the collaboration.

Of course, this message board is public, so it is not a good place to post secret details of LVK works-in-progress.

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To be honest, I think I like “”, because:

  1. it is short

  2. it potentially has broad scope (e.g. anything GW related)

I don’t believe this statement is absolutely true, but I would love it to be.