Clarification on Data Processing for Generating Comparative Plot for GW150914 Event

I would like to know how the third plot in this figure was created. Specifically, I am not quite clear about the description in the third paragraph, “The Hanford data have been inverted for comparison, due to the differences in orientation of the detectors at the two sites.” How was this done? If I want to replicate it, how should I process the GW150914 data on the two detectors to obtain this figure?

@IPhysReserch Thank you for your question!

I’d encourage you to take a look at the Guide to GW detections and noise on the GWOSC Tutorials page. Good luck!

The language about the Hanford data being “inverted” means to multiply by -1. The other step to align these signals is to shift the data in time (or phase) due to their difference in arrival times.

@jonah, thank you for the clarification and the resource recommendation! The explanation about inverting the Hanford data and aligning the signals in time is very helpful. I’ll definitely check out the GWOSC Tutorials page for further understanding. Thanks again!

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