Workshop #5 (2022) Tutorial 1.3-qrange

How can I find qrange in qtransform as (4,12)?
lq = ldata.q_transform(frange=(30, 500), qrange=(4, 12),outseg=(gps-.1,gps+.05))


Thank you for the question!

I don’t think there’s a single right way to choose the Q-range. Typically, what we are trying to do is pick a range of values that helps make the signal visible in the noise. In general, lower Q-values correspond to higher mass mergers (say, Q’s of 4 to 10, as in this example) and high Q-values are best for low mass mergers (for example, BNS mergers are most visible with a Q around 80 or more).

Here’s a few resources to learn more

Probably, the notes can be improved, and I’d welcome any suggestions.

Good luck!