Tutorials Questions - Day 1

from gwosc.datasets import event_gps
from gwpy.timeseries import TimeSeries

for place in detectors:
  ldata=TimeSeries.fetch_open_data(place, int(gps)-512, int(gps)+512,cache=True)

This was my code for Tutorial 1.4. There are certain white patches on my plot that look like this:

What is the explanation for this?

Hi @AmbicaG , really strange plot, the only thing I suspect is that some spectrogram values could be out of range or (more likely) invalid numbers, can you try to plot the power spectrogram only, i.e. without doing lq=lq^0.5? Or also, can you check something like numpy.isnan(lq).any() and also numpy.isnan(lq^0.5).any()?

@FabioNovaes Thank you! Please let us know what you find.

Hi, Jonah,

I couldn’t figure it out what’s the problem with TimeSeries.fetch_open_data. I’m not having the “read timeout error” as before. However, the 512 sec window data takes around 28 minutes to download, too long for files with at most 0.4 GB in my internet connection, but okay. I’ve just considered it a fact of life and moved on.

Now, in tutorial 1.4, when I use the igwn-py39 kernel, I only get the following waveforms:

Time domain waveforms:  ['TaylorF2NL', 'PreTaylorF2', 'SpinTaylorF2_SWAPPER']
Frequency domain waveforms:  ['SpinTaylorF2_SWAPPER', 'TaylorF2NL', 'PreTaylorF2', 'multiband', 'TaylorF2NL_INTERP', 'PreTaylorF2_INTERP', 'SpinTaylorF2_SWAPPER_INTERP']

However, using the igwn-py39-lw kernel, it loads all waveforms. It might be some kind of problem of my (old) Mac OS system with the packages listed in the full environment. I believe this is related to the lalsuite package. I noticed that the lightweight enviroment file has lalsuite=7.11, while the full env file has lalsuite=7.15=pyhd8ed1ab_0. This can be found out using conda compare enviroment.yml with the full environment active. The pip package is also a mismatch, but I don’t think it should be a problem. For the moment, the lightweight enviroment is working for me. I’m just reporting for you guys to check for the consistency of the enviroment files.

Thank you! I’m not sure why that’s happening, but I appreciate you letting us know.