Run the workshops under Windows with WSL

Linux install on Windows with WSL (only Windows 10 or 11)

Install a Linux distribution on your Windows system. We suggest you install Debian GNU/Linux, which is the closest distribution to what is used currently by LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA.

This subsystem is a virtual machine installed in a partitioned area of your disk, so you need at least 10 Gigabytes of space available on your disk.

  • Install a windows subsystem for linux: see instructions here (Windows 10) or alternatively here (Windows 11).

  • Once the distribution is set up, you still need a few key elements:

  1. A display X-server: a good option is VcXsrv. It is a bit tricky to make it work on WSL, but following all of these steps should work. You will have to launch an X-server session every time you switch on your computer.

  2. A web browser, in order to run the Jupyter notebooks. Google Chrome is a safe option.

Once you have all that installed, follow the instructions for the IGWN software setup.

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