Question in GW Open Data Workshop (2023)

Hi, I’m studying the Tuto_3.2_Parameter_estimation_for_compact_object_mergers.ipynb from GW Open Data Workshop 2023. I can not proceed when I reached the cell 10 in this notebook (i.e., the psd_alpha variable is converting the roll_off applied to the strain data into the fractional value used by gwpy). I do not understand why we should do this. Could you please provide me some brief illustrations or reference papers?

Hi @duss
This should be intended in the same way we obtained the asd in odw-2023/Tuto_1.2_Open_Data_access_with_GWpy.ipynb at main · gw-odw/odw-2023 · GitHub , i.e. you need to window your data before calculating the psd: here in 3.2 is done in a little different way with respect to 1.2, using the Tukey window for which ‘roll_off’ is a parameter (see — bilby 2.1 documentation)

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Thank you so much for the helpful explanation! This spurs more connections for what I’ve learnt. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: