Peak gravitational-wave strain

Hi there! I am looking for the peak gravitational-wave strain for each of the detections. At least in the first two discovery papers, you guys clearly mention it in the abstract of the paper itself. But after that, it is not even mentioned anywhere in any of the later papers. Could you please help with this? Thanks, I appreciate your time.

Hi @VHSatheeshkumar,

I have to say I wasn’t in the collaboration when the first papers were published but I have a guess.

For the first events there was more attention on the discovery itself, i.e. that first of all this discovery was possible: this “new” fact that we can detect a strain as small as 10^-21 was (and of course, still “is”) something incredible, and deserves a remark at the very beginning of the paper.

Having more and more detections the attention has been focused increasingly on population properties (masses, distances, spins, etc.) rather than to the discovery itself: from this point of view the signal peak is less interesting, because it isn’t an intrinsic property of the detected binary but it depends on many things (e.g. distance between us and the detected binary, binary masses, total energy released in GWs, …) which need to be disentangled with a dedicated analysis.