Can you criticize my analysis?


I analyzed according to the tutorial. I want our friends who know Python language to evaluate it. You can criticize. I’m new to cosmology.

Colab Link: Google Colab

Thank you for your interest and evaluation.


Thank you for sharing! It looks like a nice study. It might help if you added some more text, to explain in more detail you are doing and the goals of the project.

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You are right! Thanks for your alert. I’ll tell you when my tongue turns.

I wrote a description for those who viewed the paper, but the main goal is to measure the impact of deviations. Precise measurements are the most important element that reveals this discovery. But if we hold the deviations even at the level of 10^-42 or larger numbers, it does not mean that there are no deviations. The main purpose was to observe how the meaning changes with the addition of synthetic (nonsense and correlationally generated) data. I would not say that a successful result emerged as a result of the observations. This application could have become more meaningful with more different and realistic data manipulations. However, I observed that the results did not change with unprofessional data additions. So instead of saying “you measured wrong, you’re wrong” for the pulsar today, “we can catch an average collision wave even if the error factor is high.” it is more correct to say. In this case, it can enable us to make precise measurements only at the moment of a clear collision. If we only focus on these sensitive points, can an average measurement do the job the rest of the time? This could mean cost reduction.

Another visualization on the paper is about anomaly. This was purely so that I could see which areas of the visualized waves we should focus on. I can visibly understand, but computer vision may be incompetent here. Made to mark interesting parts.

I am very new to these datasets. You can correct what I know is missing or wrong. I care about the comments of you precious science lovers. Thanks <3

Thank you! Sounds like a good project.

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