Optional Question 2.1 (Tutorial 3.1)


I am working through the optional problems in Tutorial 3.1 and I am having trouble with Question 2.1.

Based on the text, I am creating a histogram of 100 samples of the log likelihood, frequency, and alpha values (sampled from result_Ms.posterior) and plotting a vertical line for the freq and alpha value in the datum with maximum log likelihood. These vertical lines nicely overlap with the histograms, but question 3.1 suggests that this should not be the case. It seems obvious to me that the samples and average value would agree, because they are both sampled from result_Ms, but the question clearly says to get the mean values and samples from that object…

Perhaps I am not understanding what question 2.1 wants us to do, to be honest the wording is a bit confusing and the problem statement isn’t very clear. Could someone comment on how they approached this?

Thank you!