New data release: O3 auxiliary channels

New data release: O3 auxiliary channels

GWOSC has recently released a new type of data set!

The LIGO instrument at each site uses a large number of sensors to track
the state of both the instrument and the surrounding environment. A subset
of those sensors (channels) are used as part of astrophysical analyses by
the LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA collaboration. The particular subset of channels
provided here has been used to remove additional noise from LIGO data or
to improve the quality of the astrophysical analyses.

This data set includes 40 channels from LIGO Hanford and 46 channels from
LIGO Livingston, that were used in O3 astrophysical analyses. The data set has
a total size of 13 TB. This data set includes channels that were used to create
data quality flags, to subtract instrumental noise from the strain data, and
to measure the amount of correlated noise between the gravitational-wave

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