Intensity Timeseries

I want to deduce the timeseries of intensities observed at the final photodetector from the strain timeseries. It seems I cannot do this for the following reasons:

  • All GWOSC data has been put through a high pass filter.
  • Though the set point is near a dark fringe, I don’t know how far away. Even knowing the approximate magnitude of this offset could be sufficient.

Is this understanding correct?
Is there any way I might be able to get access to intensity timeseries data?
Thank you!

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Thank you for your question. We are exploring releasing additional channels for O4, though I’m not sure if we will be able to provide the information you are requesting.

For example, many of our recorded channels are not calibrated. It is likely that the “raw” data from the photodetector is not recorded in “intensity”, but instead in volts or similar. That is, our calibration process is intended to convert the photodetector output from volts to strain, and not necessarily to intensity.

Could you tell us a little more about your project?

I am sorry that I do not have a more helpful answer at this time.