How to read the GW event name?

I just started reading a paper on " Tests of General Relativity with GWTC-3" , there I found this follwing event “GW200115_042309” and I am bit lost here, how to read this event name as far as I remember we read the events name as follows; we begin with the year,month and then day. But the event I mentioned earlier is bit confusing for me like how do I excatly read this particular GW event “GW200115_042309”.


You can check the details of this event through the event portal (GWOSC).
The GPS time of the event is 1263097407.7.
With the GPS time converter provided by GWOSC (GWOSC), then you can find out the relation of the name to the UTC time.

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I hear that people who read the event like “GW200115_042309” only care about the primary date like “GW200115”. You can see some examples from “LVK Webinar 10 211206: GWTC3” on YouTube.

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Dear @CKS , a new, extended event naming convention has been introduced with the publication of GWTC2 [see]. Please refer to Sec VI : “The full gravitational wave name encodes the UTC date with the time of the event given after the underscore.” Before the underscore is the event date (YYMMDD) and after the underscore, the event UTC time (hhmmss). Best, ECM