Tutorial Questions - Day 3

Do we need to submit all the assignments of all three tutorials by today (17 May) itself? Or can we submit it till tomorrow (18th May) morning?..

Do we need submit all the assignments of all tutorials by today itself or is there any relaxation in dates. Please assure .

Hi @drowningscientist, you can submit whenever you want, there is no deadline

Thank you
One more thing on what basis will the certificates be issued.

You have to complete the questions on thinkific, then at the end the certificate will be automatically generated

Hi @Anushka , I answered here Tutorial Questions - Day 2 - #19 by mattia_emma

If I take more than 5 parameters, is there a way to pipeline the python code to execute bilby.run_sampler faster.

sir, could I do ask question here ?
if, any problem arises during the solving the challenge problem

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Yes @Ambarish1234, we will continue to monitor this page and will try to answer any question

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You can try to reduce a bit nlive (you’ll have a bit less precise results, but not significantly as far as you don’t lower drastically the value of nlive; of course check anyway the final results and compare them with previously obtained / known results to see if there is something strange) as well as to reduce the range of the parameters, for those you already have some ideas on where it is likely to be the best value (this could compensate the lowering of nlive)

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In Tutorial 3.1, the expression of the likelihood in the text does not match the one in the code. I think the correct one is in the code, am I right?

Hi @FrancescoV , the correct formula is that in the text, a parenthesis is missed in the code: actually this doesn’t change significantly the results (it’s only a constant term) but we’ll fix it. Thank you for pointing that out

@abdyoyo If you just want to run bilby.sampler faster, you can lower the nlive and nact values, and increase dlogz. But that might not give you a reliable result.

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Here this kind of timed out error happened…how could I fix it

That looks like a connection problem. You can try again until it connects successfully or check your connection settings.

yes sir, problem has solved. Thank you sir

It worked, thanks for pointing me to the function.

I have tried by these urls, but fine name could not found, HTTP error 404
how could I fix it

respected sir,

I have faced an HTTP 404 error.Kindly help me to fix it.

thank you sir

I understand that the certificate is automatically generated once the course is completed. Does this mean we must complete the data challenge in order to complete the course and recieve the certificate?