Guidance for the interview of PhD in GW

I am going to appear an interview for admission in graduate school where i will be doing research on GW data analysis.So if anyone can drop some tips how should i face it, would be a great help.Thanks.

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With the disclaimer that I never interviewed anyone for such a position, and without knowing what the interviewers are looking for, I would say that it’s likely that they’d be interested in your likelihood to succeed at their program.

So they may be interested in knowing any acquired skills you have on the topic or related to it and your knowledge on the subject.

But it’s difficult to say, although sometimes they post what they’re looking for in a prospect student.

Best of luck!

I’m doing my masters thesis’s project on bBNS Merger and GWs so anyone suggest me about this. I’m beginner and don’t have any knowledge about this topic.

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